Welcome to NERIC’s 31st Annual Regional Technology Awareness Day!

Our theme is Embracing Wellness in the Digital Age with a focus on promoting security, privacy, balance and wellness as educators and students navigate today’s connected world.

We hope you enjoy the day collaborating with colleagues and use #TechADay on Twitter to share your experiences!

CTLE professional development credits are offered for this event to those who register through Frontline. This registration step is the ONLY way credits can be obtained. We will have a CTLE station set up at the entrance of the vendor expo.
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Stafftrac / Ed Vistas

Since 1993, Educational Vistas, Inc. (EVI) has been providing schools and districts with both software products and services. Over the course of 25 years, we have developed leading educational management systems and in-district services that are assisting schools to improve student performance and the educational entity as a whole.

We are currently working with over 400+ NYS school districts and many charter schools in both NYC and upstate. The products and services that we provide are available directly from EVI as well as through many BOCES contracts across the state.

We bring a systemic, integrated approach and efficiency to everything that we do. This translates directly to cost savings, faster and better decision making, improvement in data and information quality, and the elimination of data redundancy. We are techno-byte-head-geeks and educators working together to provide the best products and services available.

By linking to any existing district data system(s), we quickly install and configure our web-based software solutions to make them available to schools as soon as possible. This process also allows us to upload critical data from any of these systems for unlimited numbers of years. File conversions, data integrity checks, and modifications are normal services that we provide on a daily basis.

We stand ready to assist any and all districts that require our expertise and unique capabilities. Our reputation is built upon the successes we have had in the past and on the client retention and growth we enjoy today.